We Are technology professionals who think a little bit differently.

What’s wrong with finding better ways to do what we have been doing – isn’t that what Industry 4.0 is all about? Let our products and people help you leverage the internet in new and exciting ways. Let us support your mission to be the best in your industry.

What We Do

Web Geeks Solutions staff

Industry 4.0 is taking advantage of the internet to leverage better ways to communicate, collaborate, transact business, deliver information, monitor equipment and respond quickly to changing conditions.

Web Geeks Solutions channels modern thinking and processes into the products we bring to market with three core concepts in mind: make it easier; make it less expensive; and make it accessible for small and medium sized organizations. We love SMBs and take pleasure in helping them do amazing things within their industry.

Our leadership team has decades of experience in providing organizations with technology and communications across the globe. 

Our Values & Vision

Our Mission

Help industry leaders successfully navigate the opportunities offered by Industry 4.0. 


We work with our clients to generate opportunities that are value-driven, putting our clients’ interests first and then committing ourselves to provide excellence in delivery.

Obsessed with Quality

We understand that merit is the continuous force that makes us stand out. Quality involves discipline and methodology.


We are people people. We believe that superb performance is driven by stellar employees. Our team is our best competitive asset.

Integrity & Respect

We abide by a code of ethics based on honesty, caring, loyalty and transparency. The key is the respect we display for each other by taking responsibility for our actions.

What We Offer

Innovation is about doing and thinking differently making it easier and less expensive to achieve great results. 

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Re-imagine your ERP. Rather than being constrained by a management system that can’t be customized or a large very expensive solution, Enterprise 4.0 provides organizations with the ability to integrate their “best practices” without costly consultants and developers.

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We address the challenges of fully securing your digital assets, ensuring your processes are not interrupted and protecting your suppliers and customers from malicious attacks introduced through your products and services. CyberCloud 4.0 makes complex cyber security – simpler.

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What if you could develop enterprise apps quickly and without the cost of expensive consultants and developers? CloudDev 4.0 is a patented development platform that allows inhouse design and deployment of custom apps on all browsing platforms.

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Microsoft 365 is the office automation platform of choice for organizations that want to integrate a collaboration platform with multi-channel communication, document storage and more. Web Geeks Solutions is a certified Microsoft Silver Partner.

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Our IT Consultants provide guidance to customers on everything from overall IT strategy – including what to house in the data centre versus in the cloud; to the type of technology and functionality needed within the context of the customer’s IT and business environments and goals.

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Offering amazing customer service is important if we want to retain customers and grow our business, so our customers can find their own answers at any time day or night. Today’s Technical Support goes far beyond the traditional telephone support agent. It’s available via email, web, text message, and social media.

Our Team

Medo Qashou


Lorne Shantz


Suhair Ali

Finance Manager  

Kathy Shantz

HR & Admin Manager

Susan Fuehr

Marketing Manager 

Kasra Kiani

Presales Consultant

Chuck Capsis

Technical Consultant

Heather Galt

Growth Coach,Start ups

Hasan Bayanouni

Cyber Security Consultant

Abdulla Al-Khatib

ERP Consultant

Abdullah Seddik

Product Manager

Mutaz Abu Alrub

Blockchain & Software Developer

Razan Shaqour

Cyber Security Specialist

Adib Al-Khatib

Sales Manager

Richard Miller

Sales Representive 

Nancy Al-Masri

Social Media Marketer

Rizwan Mehmood

E-Commerce Consultant

Sameer Al Ghili

Senior ERP Developer

Mohammed AL-Khudari

Data Science Consultant 

Yoddit Ghebremicael

Customer Service Specialist