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Prepare for tomorrow’s needs today with a cost-effective solution designed specifically for growing businesses.


Make smarter business decisions with ERP systems for small businesses

ERP helps you streamline routine operational tasks, cut costs, and save valuable time.

As a small business builder, you need to be savvy when it comes to planning your day. Time spent completing operational tasks, like inventory or payroll, could be better allocated to identifying new growth opportunities.

Many small businesses rely on outdated accounting and ERP solutions unable to fully support their needs. You need an ERP solution that can match your company’s requirements and adapt as you grow.


Selecting an ERP system for your small business

Before selecting ERP software for a small business, it’s critical to understand your business needs (and pain points) and whether ERP software can help you address them. Consider how ERP will impact day-to-day business processes, how your employees will use ERP in their respective roles, and the overall expected cost as well as any deadlines to be met. Having a clear understanding of your company’s needs will help you select the best small business ERP software.

ERP software is able to address many challenges facing small businesses. For example, many small businesses struggle with inconsistent information from different business areas or else don’t have access to up-to-date financial information when they need it. These problems can significantly impact your company and your ability to seize new opportunities, which is why we’ve designed our innovative ERP software for small businesses.

Most small businesses will find that cloud-based ERP software is typically less expensive to adopt and implement than on-premises solutions, due to the nature of SaaS. However, small businesses could be better served by considering a business management solution that combines the best of cloud ERP and on-premise ERP software.